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Centrally- Notched Rectangular Inserts

Centrally- Notched Rectangular Inserts

LDPE. Ideal for use with fixed-position bolts, screws and studs. Spark-eroded finish. Available in a variety of colours. To suit wall section 1.0 - 2.0mm.

bestelnr.ColorRAL colorsafmetingenst. In verpakkingprijs/verpakking/st.prijs/st.
L x L1(mm)h1 (mm)h (mm)
110721Black-50,4x25,44,515,510000,24 EUR0,39 EUR
110720Light grayRAL 703550,4x25,44,515,510000,18 EUR0,3 EUR
110627Light grayRAL 704250,4x25,44,515,510000,15 EUR0,24 EUR
110628Dark grey-50,4x25,44,515,510000,16 EUR0,27 EUR

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