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Trapeze hanger

Trapeze hanger

Plated Steel

bestelnr.Thread diameterallowable loadSxt (mm)st. In verpakkingprijs/st.
OTRZA000000TZM8TZ M8 regulatory nut1300 N25x21001,1 EUR
OTRZA00000TZM10TZ M10 regulatory nut1300 N25x21001,1 EUR
OTRZA000000TZM8M8 solid matrix1300 N25x21000,76 EUR
OTRZA00000TZM10M10 solid matrix1300 N25x21000,76 EUR
OTRZA000000TZ1313 mm1300 N25x21000,57 EUR
OTRZA00000000TZ8, with silencer1300 N25x21000,9 EUR

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity.

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