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Set of screws to fix wash-basin

Set of screws to fix wash-basin

Materiaal: Verzinkt staal
Surface finish: galvanic zinc plated.

Kit Contents:
2x combi screws
2x dowel 12 Nylon
2x pad plastic
2x nut M10(M8)
2x pad steel DIN 125
1x plastic bag

bestelnr.afmetingendimensions combi screwst. In verpakkingprijs/st.
OSSUU00008100H10 mm NYM8x1001000,6 EUR
OSSUU00008120H10 mm NYM8x1201000,61 EUR
OSSUU00010120H12 mm NYM10x1201000,78 EUR
OSSUU00010140H12 mm NYM10x1401000,81 EUR

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