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Ribbed Pipe Caps

Ribbed Pipe Caps

LDPE. Injection-moulded caps with internal ribs. Wide range - from 8 mm to 1642 mm inside diameter. Meet ANSI and DIN specification. There is a wide range of sizes, but for convenience are referred to the web, looking for a dimension that is not in the table, please contact us!

bestelnr.diameter [mm]afmetingenColorprijs/st.
34098-10,013,0Grey0,26 EUR
12773-10,216,0Smith Red0,04 EUR
12774-12,016,0Smith Red0,03 EUR
462573-12,715,0Black0,1 EUR
341011/4"13,713,0Grey0,27 EUR
34102-14,013,0Grey0,22 EUR
34103-15,013,0Grey0,23 EUR
12775-15,020,0Smith Red0,04 EUR
34104-16,013,0Grey0,24 EUR
12776-16,020,0Smith Red0,12 EUR
341053/8"17,213,0Grey0,24 EUR
34106-18,013,0Grey0,26 EUR
12849-18,020,0Smith Red0,16 EUR
34108-20,020,0Grey0,47 EUR
12777-20,020,0Smith Red0,16 EUR
34110-22,020,0Grey0,34 EUR
12850-22,020,0Smith Red0,22 EUR
34111-24,020,0Grey0,36 EUR
34112-25,020,0Grey0,38 EUR
12779-25,020,0Smith Red0,16 EUR
34113-26,020,0Grey0,38 EUR
34115-28,020,0Grey0,47 EUR
12780-28,026,5Smith Red0,3 EUR
12846-30,026,5Smith Red0,34 EUR
34118-32,030,0Grey0,47 EUR
12956-32,026,8Yellow0,31 EUR
462574-35,028,0Black0,26 EUR
341120-35,030,0Grey0,54 EUR
12781-35,026,5Smith Red0,22 EUR
34121-38,030,0Grey0,62 EUR
12782-38,027,0Smith Red0,41 EUR
462575-38,128,0Black0,22 EUR
12616-39,325,0Yellow0,58 EUR
34123-40,030,0Grey0,62 EUR
12957-40,026,7Yellow0,38 EUR
34124-41,530,0Grey0,64 EUR
12783-41,527,0Smith Redtel.
34128-50,030,0Grey0,82 EUR
462576-50,829,0Black0,62 EUR
34130-51,030,0Grey0,84 EUR
34131-52,030,0Grey1,1 EUR
462577-54,036,0Black0,59 EUR
341321 3/4"54,030,0Grey1,1 EUR
12982-54,027,8Smith Red0,34 EUR
34134-57,030,0Grey0,97 EUR
34135-59,030,0Grey1,1 EUR
34138-63,530,0Grey1,2 EUR
12617-63,529,0Yellow0,83 EUR
34139-66,530,0Grey1,3 EUR
34141-70,030,0Grey1,2 EUR
34142-73,030,0Grey1,5 EUR
34143-75,030,0Grey1,2 EUR
12618-75,031,0Yellow1,2 EUR
34145-77,030,0Grey1,3 EUR
462581-78,032,0Black0,75 EUR
34146-82,030,0Grey1,6 EUR
34149-83,030,0Grey1,5 EUR
34150-85,040,0Grey1,7 EUR
34153-90,040,0Grey1,7 EUR
12959-92,034,5Yellow1,3 EUR
462584-92,432,0Yellow0,84 EUR
10076-94,040,0Smith Redtel.
34155-95,040,0Grey2 EUR
12633-95,533,0Yellow1,2 EUR
462858-96,539,0Smith Red0,84 EUR
462586-100,340,0Smith Redtel.
34162-104,040,0Grey2,1 EUR
34165-108,040,0Grey2,2 EUR
34166-110,040,0Grey3,3 EUR
12960-110,034,6Smith Red1,6 EUR
34167-111,040,0Grey3,3 EUR
34172-125,040,0Grey3,7 EUR
12619-125,035,0Yellow1,7 EUR
12961-125,034,1Yellow2,5 EUR
31702-133,040,0Grey3,5 EUR
12620-137,035,0Yellow2,7 EUR
316355"141,340,0Grey3,9 EUR
8030835 1/2"152,447,0Yellowtel.
31712-159,040,0Grey4,2 EUR
31715-160,040,0Grey4,4 EUR
31638-177,840,0Grey5,1 EUR
31717-185,040,0Grey8,3 EUR
31707-193,740,0Grey5,7 EUR
34183-200,040,0Grey5,6 EUR
34185-210,040,0Grey6,7 EUR
341889 1/2"242,050,0Grey10 EUR

Prijzen zijn exclusief de BTW en gelden bij betaling onder rembours.

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