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The clamp bolts

The clamp bolts

Die casting zinc. Slightly curved design with a low profile, surface mount is resistant to accidental opening when under pressure or vibration. Suitable for internal and external applications. Maximum working load of 1200 N. Type 1 - with lock. Type 2 - without lock.

bestelnr.typeDesingst. In verpakkingprijs/verpakking/st.prijs/st.
Chrome Plated
4975341large1035 EUR52 EUR
4975352large1010 EUR15 EUR
4975381small1011 EUR16 EUR
4975392small109 EUR13 EUR

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Black Powder Coated
4975321large1011 EUR17 EUR
4975332large109 EUR14 EUR
4975361small109,8 EUR15 EUR
4975372small107,7 EUR12 EUR

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