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Slotted Mushroom Head Screws

Slotted Mushroom Head Screws

Black Nylon 6.6. Refer to standard NF E 25-129 for guidance purposes.

bestelnr.afmetingenst. In verpakkingprijs/verpakking/st.prijs/st.
0170180001VRM4x0,71092,21,21100 st.0,04 EUR0,06 EUR
0170210001VRM4x0,71692,21,21100 st.0,03 EUR0,05 EUR
0170220001VRM4x0,72092,21,21100 st.0,04 EUR0,06 EUR
0170280001VRM5x0,810112,71,21,2100 st.0,04 EUR0,06 EUR
0170310001VRM5x0,816112,71,21,2100 st.0,05 EUR0,08 EUR
0170330001VRM5x0,820112,71,21,2100 st.0,04 EUR0,06 EUR
0170350001VRM5x0,830112,71,21,2100 st.0,17 EUR0,24 EUR
0170420001VRM6x1,010143,31,61,5100 st.0,12 EUR0,14 EUR
0170450001VRM6x1,016143,31,61,5100 st.0,12 EUR0,17 EUR
0170460001VRM6x1,020143,31,61,5100 st.0,12 EUR0,14 EUR
0170500001VRM6x1,030143,31,61,5100 st.0,12 EUR0,18 EUR
0170520001VRM6x1,040143,31,61,5100 st.0,13 EUR0,22 EUR
0170650001VRM8x1,2510204,422100 st.0,13 EUR0,22 EUR
0170680001VRM8x1,2516204,422100 st.0,12 EUR0,21 EUR
0170690001VRM8x1,2520204,422100 st.0,12 EUR0,21 EUR
0170710001VRM8x1,2530204,422100 st.0,14 EUR0,22 EUR

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity.

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