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Dimensional Twin Stick™

Dimensional Twin Stick™

Double Sided Permantent Adhesive Foam Blocks. Great for making displays stand out with a 3D effect. Can be used for extreme gap filling. Supplied in a carton unless otherwise stated. Agressive fast tack rubber based adhesive on both sides. Use black foam for dark backgrounds. *Supplied on a roll.

bestelnr.ColorafmetingenPieces per Rollst. In verpakkingprijs/verpakking/st.prijs/st.
470035White25,425,4x25,4-2500 st.0,42 EUR0,7 EUR
470519Black25,425,4x25,4-2500 st.0,34 EUR0,56 EUR
470037White19,125,4x25,4-2500 st.0,4 EUR0,65 EUR
470030*White12,725,4x25,43000 st.1 Roll428 EUR469 EUR
470515*Black12,725,4x25,43000 st.1 Roll474 EUR519 EUR

Prijzen zijn exclusief de BTW en gelden bij betaling onder rembours.

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