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Remo Two™ - kiss cut pieces on a roll

Remo Two™ - kiss cut pieces on a roll

Double-sided removeable adhesive foam pieces. Great for stickeng up temporaty signage or posters. Use for POS kits with single use graphits. Removeable adhesive both sides. Not recommended for appolications with direct UV exposure. Removes clearly from most hard non-delaminating surfaces. Ideala when removability is important from both sides.

bestelnr.afmetingenPieces per Rollst. In verpakkingprijs/verpakking/st.prijs/verpakking/st.
47110325,4x76,20,82500 st.1167 EUR182 EUR
47117025,4x76,23,22000 st.1180 EUR197 EUR

Prijzen zijn exclusief de BTW en gelden bij betaling onder rembours.

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