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MASIV (heavy duty) pipe clamp, type M12 and 1 clamping head

MASIV (heavy duty) pipe clamp, type M12 and 1 clamping head

Surface finish: galvanic zinc plated. MASIV (heavy duty) pipe clamp is designed for the fixing of heavy, steel or cast iron pipes. In combination with a pole with thread and the corresponding bracket, you can create a fixed point, which can be anchored directly to the ceiling, wall, floor or beam assembly. Clamp mounting head M12 (M16) is intended to consolidate the heavy, steel or cast iron pipe. You may also add options to the main clamp 1/2, 3/4, 1, 5/4. With absorbing rubber liner.

Part NumberFixing
head (mm)
External diameter of the pipeK x T
OMASSW100020023M12,M1620-2340x41 st.3 EUR
OMASSW100025030M12,M1625-3040x41 st.3,1 EUR
OMASSW100031038M12,M1631-3840x41 st.3,2 EUR
OMASSW100040046M12,M1640-4640x41 st.3,3 EUR
OMASSW100048053M12,M1648-5340x41 st.3,4 EUR
OMASSW100060064M12,M1660-6440x41 st.3,5 EUR
OMASSW100067071M12,M1667-7140x41 st.3,5 EUR
OMASSW100072078M12,M1672-7840x41 st.3,6 EUR
OMASSW100087092M12,M1687-9240x41 st.3,8 EUR
OMASSW100108118M12,M16108-11840x41 st.6,2 EUR
OMASSW100125130M12,M16125-13040x41 st.6,8 EUR
OMASSW100133137M12,M16133-13740x41 st.7,1 EUR
OMASSW100138144M12,M16138-14440x41 st.7,4 EUR
OMASSW100159165M12,M16159-16540x41 st.8,1 EUR
OMASSW100164170M12,M16164-17040x41 st.8,2 EUR
OMASSW100182188M12,M16182-18840x41 st.8,8 EUR
OMASSW100193203M12,M16193-20340x41 st.9,8 EUR
OMASSW100208214M12,M16208-21440x41 st.10 EUR
OMASSW100217224M12,M16217-22440x41 st.11 EUR
OMASSW100244254M12,M16244-25440x41 st.12 EUR
OMASSW100267277M12,M16267-27740x41 st.12 EUR
OMASSW100278282M12,M16278-28240x41 st.12 EUR
OMASSW100313318M12,M16313-31840x41 st.14 EUR
OMASSW100320326M12,M16320-32640x41 st.20 EUR
OMASSW100353360M12,M16353-36040x41 st.20 EUR

Without damping rubber liners

Part NumberFixing
head (mm)
External diameter of the pipeK x T
OMASOW100015019M8,M1015-1925x21 st.1,8 EUR
OMASOW100020024M8,M1020-2425x21 st.1,9 EUR
OMASOW100025030M8,M1025-3025x21 st.2,2 EUR
OMASOW100031035M8,M1031-3530x2,51 st.2,2 EUR
OMASOW100037041M8,M1037-4130x2,51 st.2,3 EUR
OMASOW100040045M8,M1040-4530x2,51 st.2,4 EUR
OMASOW100048053M8,M1048-5330x2,51 st.2,5 EUR
OMASOW100054059M8,M1054-5930x2,51 st.2,5 EUR
OMASOW100060065M8,M1060-6530x2,51 st.2,6 EUR
OMASOW100067072M8,M1067-7230x2,51 st.2,7 EUR
OMASOW100076081M10,M1276-8130x31 st.3,2 EUR
OMASOW100082087M10,M1282-8730x31 st.3,3 EUR
OMASOW100088093M10,M1288-9330x31 st.3,4 EUR
OMASOW100096101M10,M1296-10130x31 st.3,5 EUR
OMASOW100102108M10,M12102-10830x31 st.3,6 EUR
OMASOW100110116M10,M12110-11630x31 st.3,7 EUR
OMASOW100116123M10,M12116-12330x31 st.3,9 EUR
OMASOW100124129M10,M12124-12930x31 st.3,9 EUR
OMASOW100133140M12,M16133-14040x41 st.6,8 EUR
OMASOW100140148M12,M16140-14840x41 st.7 EUR
OMASOW100149155M12,M16149-15540x41 st.7,2 EUR
OMASOW100159165M12,M16159-16540x41 st.7,5 EUR
OMASOW100167173M12,M16167-17340x41 st.7,7 EUR
OMASOW100176184M12,M16176-18440x41 st.8 EUR
OMASOW100188194M12,M16188-19440x41 st.8,3 EUR
OMASOW100199205M12,M16199-20540x41 st.8,5 EUR
OMASOW100207216M12,M16207-21640x41 st.8,8 EUR
OMASOW100219225M12,M16219-22540x41 st.9,1 EUR
OMASOW100230236M12,M16230-23640x41 st.9,4 EUR
OMASOW100244250M12,M16244-25040x41 st.9,7 EUR
OMASOW100255261M12,M16255-26140x41 st.10 EUR
OMASOW100267273M12,M16267-27340x41 st.10 EUR
OMASOW100278284M12,M16278-28440x41 st.11 EUR

Prijzen zijn exclusief de BTW en gelden bij betaling onder rembours. Wanneer er een bestelnummer aangegeven is, gelieve dit nummer bij het gekozen artikel in te vullen. Verzendkosten vanaf 9 EUR.

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